Difference between REMOTE WORK, REMOTE FIRST, and HOME OFFICE Definition

April 3, 2020

A week ago I created a Facebook group to provide FREE Technology tools and tips, which has been such a delight to see it grow so quickly to more than 100 people. Yet, as my specialty is productivity, this group needs to be more than just tech, so it has morphed to also include general productivity and mindset related tools.

My struggle has been what to call it. So after comparing the definition of remote work and remote-first, with the term home office, now my mind is at rest.

Remote work can be defined as working away from the main work office, in a remote or home-office location.  It may be on a temporary basis while traveling, a few days a week, or as a permanent remote worker.

We are a remote-first company at Unboxed performance. Remote-first is a subcategory of remote work. For example, many companies are now allowing employees to work remotely which is different from building a remote-first culture. The difference is that remote-first teams are structured around remote employees not being an afterthought. Being remote-first means being intentional about not just the tools that are used, but also planning a company culture to support remote workers to be more productive. A common strategy with remote -first businesses is to make sure people share personal non-work updates with their team each week, to help connect remote workers.

As a remote-first business, all our team set their own hours, with two in the Philippines, one in the deep south island of NZ and all the others in Auckland, which is why I am very passionate about the power and freedom of good remote work technology, helping empower a more enjoyable team culture.

While COVID-19 has forced many into being remote workers, technology has empowered this trend towards remote working over many years. Hence why the name of my Facebook group needs the term remote work in it.

For more information then visit www.ignitingtrust.com to book an online meeting, or join our Remote Work Productivity Facebook group.

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