Life should flow with ease

November 4, 2009

Life is supposed to flow with ease and joy when you are on track and doing what you enjoy.  Gone are the old days with the mindset that life should be tough!

Deepak Chorpra describes this flow in his book, The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success. The fourth law is the THE LAW OF LEAST EFFORT.  A key to being fully satisfied in life is to be living on track in the flow, the flow is the effortless joy of life when on track, 'In The Zone.'

For many people a key determinate of this is their level of career satisfaction.  If you are in a career that you find stimulating and satisfying then life tends to flow with ease and more positives occur along the path we call life.

During the last 2 months the flow of life has taken a new level of ease for me.  An example of the flow is a few days ago I ran the Auckland Half Marathon.  In the build up to this event I realized I needed new running shoes.  As I had been the business mentor for the owner of a prominent chain of sports shoe shops, I thought I must contact him to see if he can offer me another special deal.  Then a couple of days latter on my run who do I meet on the street?  Yes a very random and unlikely coincidence it was.  What is the chance of running along in Auckland and seeing this person?  So after a chat I purchased new running shoes feeling very happy with how the flow had yet again helped my path in life.

This is just one example of the flow assisting me each day.  Some people describe this as good luck, they may say that a certain person always has good luck, yet I believe you make your own luck if you take full responsibility for the process that creates the flow.

In Deepak's book he describes this synchronicity, these supposed random meetings, as a correlation of improbabilities.  While logic would suggest they are improbable, they happen constantly and consistently when you are in the flow to provide the messages you require.  This flow is occurring for many people that are awake enough and aware, who take full responsibility for the change necessary to keep them on track and in the flow.

Proactively making it happen is about plotting the SuccessMap to the future we truly desire.   A by product of this flow and being on track in life is the certainty of focus and excitement that naturally will flow, knowing you are on track along the personal path or map forward in life.  Greater self belief and certainty are natural by products of being in the flow.

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